The Kit Manufacturers League Table

Football kits have changed drastically as the modern game has evolved. There was once a time when teams did not play in kits until the game became more civilised which brought a higher degree of professionalism. Since then, we have seen the introduction of sponsors, new styles, kit numbers and record-breaking kit deals with manufacturers.

Back in October 2016, Barcelona signed a world-record kit deal with Nike which will see them bag at least £140m per season from the American giants from 2018 onwards. The ten-year-deal exceeds the £75m deal that Adidas have with Manchester United.

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The team over at VoucherCloud aimed to investigate whether there was any correlation between kit manufacturers and success in the league table. Analysing the last ten years, they found which clubs were successful and what kit brand they were wearing; including the Champions League and Europa League.

The clear winners in the study were Nike; who manufactured the kit for 51% of the clubs who had success over the last ten years. Nike has kit deals with European giants Barcelona and PSG but lost sides such as Manchester United and Juventus who have had great success over the past few seasons. Nike also does not have a strong representation in Germany but still, come out on top in this study despite having just one winner in the last

In second place is Adidas with just a 28.5%. However, the company is enjoying more success recently due to the dominance of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. Munich has won the German league for four successive seasons wearing the famous three stripes while there is similar dominance in the Serie A with Juventus who Adidas recently signed with.

In joint third is Puma and Umbro, who have benefitted from sides being successful who may have been considered the underdog. Most notably for Puma, the German company were lucky enough to manufacture the kit in Leicester City’s title-winning season last year. Puma also sponsored Stuttgart who won the Bundesliga in 2007 and also Bordeaux who won the Ligue 1 in 2009. They also sponsored Zenit St. Petersburg who was crowned Europa League champions in 2008.

Umbro benefitted from their affiliation with Lyon during their period of dominance in France and also manufactured the kit in Manchester City’s memorable first title triumph.

In Europe, the Champions League is dominated by Nike and Adidas – with five winners from each brand in the last ten years. The Europa League is more diverse as Sevilla has won the competition for three years in the row but with different kit suppliers. The Spanish club first won the competition under the Joma brand and became one of the first clubs to sign with Warrior which later became New Balance which did not hinder their European success.

The full study can be found here –

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